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What is Gift Plan?

Gift, Donation, Crowd Funding plan MLM Software is a completely web-based application that will help the users to save time and keep track on members income and expenditure. Since it is a give and take concept you can easily make benefits using Gift plan MLM software by setting all gift providing scenarios and properly managing the members.

We integrate our MLM software with crowd funding to make MLM businesses more effective and established. Owing to its simple plan and uncomplicated features, it inspires more people to join and become a part of a charity project. The MLM Gift plan is the futuristic concept in the field of network marketing or multi-level marketing & many people are interested in joining the MLM Gift plan because of the simplicity of the gift plan and the chances of getting higher returns. Enhance your business growth with Donation Plan and Crowdfunding Software.

In Gift MLM Plan, each member will get benefit from others since this is a simple concept of giving and taking. One has to gift/donate to some other, later you will be able to take a gift or donation from others. This a simple way to gain wealth. Help plan MLM is widely used in crowdfunding, helping and donation programs as well.

How does Commission Calculation Work?

Give help and get help are main steps in all gifting and donation plans. Some company business plan may allow you to earn Pair bonus based on the points. It utilizes the power of network marketing to widen the member participation in the system. Almost all gift plan organization offers good compensations to boost the popularity of the helping plan systems. There are certain criteria to accept as well as to donate the offers. These criteria may vary from company-to-companies. Some companies may set some limits to the amount that one person can receive as grants. The limit can also extend by purchasing higher membership packages or advancing to next higher rank, etc.

Bonuses in Gift Plan MLM Software.

The bonuses involved in this plan varies as per business strategies. This plan is definitely something different as it offers a great variety of compensations out-of-the-box. Moreover, The compensations can either be enabled or disabled whenever required, as it is highly configurable to every kind of business types.

  • Give Help and Get Help

    The Gift-Donation plan is mainly based on these two actions. Giving help to other contributors, getting help from other participants. Well, Giving and Getting help should follow defined rules. These rules are configurable in the back office software itself. Rules are defined by the proprietary organizations. The amount that can be accepted as help is limited by the enroller packages or the donated amount. A member can upgrade the limits by achieving certain criteria.

  • Sponser Bonus

    Whenever the existing participants introduce new members into the system, the existing member will get the introducer bonus. The introducer bonus limit may be defined by the rank, enrolled package or the enrollee packages. The Sponsor Bonuses is introduced to motivate existing users to bring more new members to the system. The sponsor bonus is unlimited, whenever they introduce new member they get paid.

  • Leadership Bonus

    This is a commission or a bonus offered by the Gift plan organization when the user turns eligible to move to the next level. A user gets qualified to the next level and to get promoted to the next level and one can gain bonus which is fixed or set by the MLM Company. A member who joins the plan can set and get promoted to the senior place to gain stage advancement bonus.