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What is Generation Plan?

Generation MLM plan is a Multi Level Marketing Plan which is based purely on product selling. The generation plan is also called in some other names like Gap Commission Plans, Repurchase Plans. Actually, it is a motivational product selling MLM plan where every affiliate promotes the downline to the sale of the products and also gets bonuses and incentives on the specific target achievement.

MLM Generation Plan specially meant for the companies that are the manufacturers of the consumable items. In the present competitive market, the manufacturers need to give advertisements in different Ad media like TV, newspapers, etc. to enhance the product selling margin. But according to the concept of the generation MLM Generation compensation plan, there is no requirement of spending money on these media platforms as this MLM plan is completely based on the concept of mouth advertising and a group of members or affiliates.

How does Commission Calculation Work?

One of the best marketing or MLM plan that suits e-commerce based business as there are many users working on the network establishment from various parts of the world. As the referral system keeps on improving and increasing, so will be the member network and it follows up an infinite structure. The plan proposes various levels of generation based on the category divided by means of organizational regulations ( generations based on ranks if that is the case).

If the network consists of 1000 members then, the organization can categorize them into four generation where each level get various compensations. Suppose the top level be the first generation, they will get a 10% revenue and the next 5% and so on. This purely depends on the organizational rules and regulations set up by the board of members.