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What is Board Plan?

Board Plan is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan, the plan which is used by a large number of the companies. There are various concepts which are much crucial in the success of the MLM companies and this is one of the popular compensation plans that is mostly preferred by the companies to win the industry.

Here is how the Board plan software works and earning amazing returns is easy for the company that follows the plan efficiently. The board can be of 3, 5, 9 or 15 members and each member can earn commission on each and every success. The members can easily earn bonuses or commissions, which is an added asset to the members of the board. Every board can have bonus or income based on the income plan arrangement and all the members of the board can gain handsome returns. The entire members earn profits, but one who is inactive may find the plan a bit complicated. Understanding the plan is much crucial in order to implement it and the one who does not follow the plan may find it much complicated. The most of the MLM companies started following this even a beginner can start earning in a wonderful way by choosing the excellent board income plan.

How does Commission Calculation Work?

When a new member joings, a empty board is there for that member. When the board is full it splits into other and the excess members of the first board can form a new board. The board, after splitting into two gains all the profits and one can earn referral switch the increase. All the members come with referrals and each MLM company works with the specific limit and the company sets the limit of the board. The one who picks the plan can decide the number of the boards and even the one who gets promoted to the next Board MLM compensation plans.

Bonuses in Board Plan MLM Software

There are some great rewards and bonus which actually make board compensation plan. This plan included bonuses on the referrals, board completion as well as position bonus along with the amazing level commissions.

  • Referral Bonus

    The Referral Bonus is the profit which the user gains by recruiting new members to the downline network. For every direct referral, a user or recruiter will get paid with the referral bonus. The sponsor bonus will be calculated based on the percentage of the predefined amount by the company.

  • Level Commission

    In Board Plan, the level commission is the amount of profit or bonus that people earn by adding new members. This works when any member add new users and gain Referral Bonus. This Bonus is depends on the MLM compensation plan and can be extended till the Nth level.

  • Board Completion Bonus

    Member get this Bonus when its board completes, As the name suggests this is one complete plan of the board MLM software which is considered to be one of the best MLM software plans. And there is different types of matrix for every board according to the companies. Also once the board completed there are options, the member could join the same board again, depend on the company.